Motivation Secrets for Fast Weight Loss

Motivation Secrets for Fast Weight Loss

(1) No one knows you better than yourself – don’t be afraid to be different!

If you are reading this article it means that you are trusting us with motivating you to eat according to your fitness plan and workout according to the program you promised yourself to follow. Well, we can do that! But first things first. The first way to motivate yourself – is to find your OWN reason to get in shape. This could be a positive or negative reason. This could be as simple as looking good at the beach (a form of positive reinforcement, a self-confidence boost) or as serious as avoiding a heart attack from excessive weight gain (avoiding a negative consequence).

Find your OWN reason and tell the story to yourself over and over. Brainwash yourself with what you want the most. Even if your reason is stupid for other people – it does not matter at all, if it’s important for you it will work. You will work harder to get results. For us. We like staying in shape to travel the world, work online but hopefully avoid the side-effects of a desk-job. What’s yours?

(2) Be your own cheerleader! Be your own Fan. Create your own ‘Rocky’ montage.

The most important truth in life is that for most situations of personal gain, where you are not obviously breaking records or perhaps overcoming serious illness. NO ONE WILL CHEER FOR YOU. To combat this you have to be your own number one fan. Find ways to turn your life into your own real life movie, where you are the star. Now this may seem simple, but it can be really hard to picture yourself as the main attraction if you’ve been neglecting your health and fitness for a long time.

If it helps, watch motivation videos of whatever you like doing (workouts, travel, job success, whatever). Also, listen to music while you meal prep your food. Listen to motivational music while you workout, even if this is not for everyone – it works for some people. Create hardcore mental images of yourself, eating your diet-food and “being tough” for your goals all day long. Even if your day is not really that hard, this will help build your self-confidence and also generate momentum, along with results.

(2) Win every single time – create realistic goals!

Don’t overshoot your weight loss target, even if this means you reach your goals really fast and have to create new ones every couple of weeks or months. Aiming for a 50kg weight loss is one sure way to demotivate yourself – yet we consistently see our formerly overweight clients lose this much weight over a longer time period. This is because the initial 20-30kg weight loss will happen really fast. Then you’ll need some sort of ‘second wind’ boost to lose the rest. How does this happen? By aiming for an 8-10kg weight loss a month if you are obese or perhaps an aggressive 3-4kg weight loss a month if you’re simply holding on to some extra chub.

Biceps and abs also don’t come overnight, build muscle slowly and appreciate every milestone. When you create goals that you CAN achieve, you will obviously have better chances of hitting that goal and WIN EVERY SINGLE TIME.

(3) Break your larger goal into smaller goals.

Remember what we just said about the realistic larger goal. It gets even better when you split that up into even smaller more easy to reach goals. Then go get that sucker and get instant gratification. How does “I’m gonna do my best to lose at least half a kilo this week” sound? If you promise to do so, you’ll be extra happy when you overachieve at the end of the week and you’re 800g down, instead of being sad because you didn’t drop a kilo. Also 500g multiplied by 52 weeks (1 year) is 26kg in a year! The good news it that most obese beginners could easily lose twice that in one year. How about you start working on those small goals?

(4) Create rewards for yourself frequently enough.

The benefit of having small goals to keep yourself motivated is the opportunity that it creates an opportunity for personal rewards at each accomplishment. This will trigger an even more important ‘positive reinforcement’ effect at the end of each mini-journey.

You’ll not only feel like a king or queen just because you lose weight, toned up, built some muscle or got healthier – you’ll also be able to have a drink or two, a pizza or hey, buy some new clothes to celebrate your victory! Just don’t get carried away.

Now go, my friends and CONQUER YOUR DREAMS!



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