The Beach Body Lean Muscle Building Program for Men


Guys, if you want to learn how to lose fat and build muscle effortlessly, finally get that Hollywood chest, buff arms, back and shoulders you can proudly call a v-taper. This program is all you need. Ripped abs will be made EASY.


The majority of fitness programs are created by bodybuilders, to look good on stage. There’s nothing wrong with that; except that they all abuse drugs and have no life outside the gym to reach their goals. If you go about that route, you ‘might’ look better. But you can forget eating out, partying, going out on dates or traveling. Just to look good, when you’re alone, in your bedroom.

The Beach Body Lean Muscle Building Program for Men is the best choice for 99% of men who want to look amazing and still want to work hard, play hard at life. With a few key tools to adjust your diet, you’ll get easy to prepare, great tasting meals, solid workouts to get you chiseled as well as ongoing support from the online community and Adam himself.

 *Your results may vary.

The Beach Body Lean Muscle Building Program For Men Crafted to Help You Create A Physique with the Aesthetics of a Hollywood Actor.

A Beach Body Diet Plan, with easy-to-prepare meals for Busy Lifestyles complete with a Grocery Shopping List so that you have a Stress Free experience when you’re Buying Food for your Diet Plan.

An Eating Out “Cheat Meal” Guide with Strategic Lifestyle Tips (Restaurants, etc.) & A Full 12 Week Diet Planner to Boost Diet Adherence and Help You Succeed.

Both Gym and At-Home Workout Plans for Men.

Exercise Video Tutorials for most of the basic exercises to make sure your form is Correct

An Effective Exercise Substitution Guide to know when and how to change exercises when they become boring, monotonous or cause any form of discomfort.



  • 12 Goal Setting & Online Follow Up Sessions with Adam
  • 12 Weeks Membership in our Closed Facebook Support Group: Camp Fitness Community
  • Constant Motivation & Support from Adam, Becca and other dedicated Program Members to help you Look Amazing.

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