Our 4 Simple Steps to Burning Stubborn Fat

Our 4 Simple Steps to Burning Stubborn Fat

Most fitness articles take a whole lot of time creating nutrition and exercise theories to convince readers on the best approach to burn stubborn fat.

In reality, the only truth is that stubborn fat is simply the last bit of fat hanging around your body; even though you have been dieting and exercising for a long and consistent period of time.

Just because it is the ‘last bit’ of fat, does NOT necessarily mean that to burn it off it requires any method which is different from the one you used to burn of the fat ‘which is not stubborn’ (a.k.a the fat which you easily burned off in the beginning of your diet.)

Stubborn fat is typically visible once you are already slim or in decent shape. This means that if you’re still overweight or obese – do your best to create a calorie deficit (eat less junk and calories in general) on a healthy diet and you will be fine.

Put down 2 of these on the weekend and still wondering about ‘stubborn fat’ ?

Fat stored around the abdomen and love handles in men as well as fat on the hips, thighs and arms in women is the FIRST to accumulate on our bodies when we overeat. It is also the LAST to leave our bodies when we go on a serious diet. This leaves us with the highest fat percentage present in those areas even though we’ve slimmed down.

Here’s where you should START:
1. Evaluate your body-type. Are you skinny with stubborn fat? Are you in good physical shape but carry extra fat?
2. If you’re skinny with stubborn fat. Resistance training with your bodyweight or by lifting weights will be your best bet. Since you cannot afford to lose more weight to lose the fat; you’ll first have to build up some muscle to replace that fat. Even if it means you stay at the same bodyweight.
3. If you’re in decent shape because you already exercise consistently and eat decently healthy but can’t quite nail down your stubborn fat issues; you will need some more dedicated techniques.

For all those who fall under the third point (no. 3 above) you will need to TAKE THESE 4 FINAL STEPS:
1. Creating staple meals and taking a strong decision to repeating the same meals everyday.
2. Committing to only eating one.cheat meal per week. One single plate.
3. Using black coffee, green tea, sparkling water, diet soft-drinks to curb your appetite instead of food.
4. Doubling your vegetable portions, cutting your starches in half and cutting out all oils (even the healthy ones) from your cooking.

Coffee can help you control your appetite in the morning when you skip breakfast to try Intermittent Fasting.

5. Using techniques like Intermittent Fasting (just like we suggest in our programs as ONE of the meal timing options) where you skip breakfast and push your first meal of the day for later on. Say you could start eating at 12.00 noon instead of 8.00am. This will mean that you can cut out the calories of one entire meal, have larger meals later on, and feel fuller for longer until bedtime comes along. We like to switch from a 4 moderate meal structure over 12 hours to a 2-3 meal structure over 8 hours when we are trying to lose the last bit of fat! It really helps.

We hope you get to try out these tips.
To let us know if you need any other assistance with losing stubborn fat message us on Facebook.

Adam & Becca,
Camp Fitness.

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