Faster Fat Loss (Women)


If you have 10 Kilos (22 Lbs) or more to lose, today is your lucky day. This program is our best program for all those who want to lose weight, really, really fast. The goals here is to make sure you’re not wasting time trying to learn new, inconsistent fitness trends, but rather just sprint to your goal really quickly and jumpstart a new healthy lifestyle from that point onwards.


While some reputable fitness programs successfully take the approach of teaching you certain skills related to general fitness, healthy eating and athletic endeavors; these same programs fail to achieve long-term results with the obese or overweight population. The pattern remains the same. You start out losing weight, it slows down, and you’re no longer interested in the ‘new skills’ and quit.

Fast Fat Loss works differently. Rather than trying to teach you how do technical weight lifting FFL focuses on the only real key factor. Results. The only thing that matters here is that your diet keeps you full and satisfied, so you get as slim as possible, as fast as you possibly can. Through coaching thousands of people we found out that the faster their results were greatly dependent on how fast their initial weight loss was. The faster the weight loss, the sooner they could start learning how to live healthier in their now-slimmer body. Satisfaction with rate of fat loss speed is the #1 deciding factor for long-term motivation.


*Your results may vary.



  • The Faster Fat Loss (Women) Program Crafted to Help You Lose 20-40Kg as Fast As Possible
  • A Fat Burning Diet Plan, with easy-to-prepare meals for busy lifestyles
  • An Eating Out “Cheat Meal” Guide with Strategic Lifestyle Tips (Restaurants, etc.)
  • A Printable 4 Week Weight Loss Diary so that you always remember to take down your Bodyweight & Waist Measurements to see your Amazing Results, Stay Motivated and Commit to your Progress!
  • A Full 12 Week Diet Planner to Boost Diet Adherence and Help You Succeed.
  • A Grocery Shopping List so that you have a Stress Free experience when you’re Buying Food for your Diet Plan.
  • An extremely Effective At-Home Toning Workout Plan for Women
  • Exercise Video Tutorials for most of the basic exercises to make sure your form is Correct


12 Goal Setting & Online Follow Up Sessions with Adam & Becca

12 Weeks Membership in our Closed Facebook Support Group: Camp Fitness Community

Constant Motivation & Support from Adam, Becca and other dedicated Program Members to help you Look Amazing.

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