Should you weigh yourself every day?

Should you weigh yourself every day?

Being fitness coaches – the majority of the people we deal with on our programs are interested in weight loss. Others are interested in toning up and building muscle, but still; the questions we get reflect that there is an overwhelming majority of people who struggle with those extra Kilos and have no idea how to approach weight loss sensibly. We do not blame them. There is so much conflicting advice and evidence out on the media that people lose track of the basics.

In our view, and probably your view too; there are only 3 basic indicators that you are moving in the right direction when you’re losing weight – or better yet – losing fat!

These 3 are the bodyweight scale you all have in your bathroom, the inch-tape measurements, and obviously; the way you look in the mirror!

The last 2 are fairly simple. Take your inch-tape measurements for the body-parts you want. Normally the thighs, waist and hips. Some others include the arms too. Just google how to do this at the right spots. Take your measurements first thing in the morning, at the same time and day – at LEAST once a week.

Look in the mirror as often as you want; just keep in mind that you’ll be a bit more bloated right after consuming food and drink; this means you can blow up like a balloon in the mirror and on the scale – all while eating salads and drinking water, and effectively losing weight.


Like everything in life, everyone has an opinion. But this is in our opinion; the most sustainable way to track weight loss accurately for most people.

STEP 1: First thing in the morning, before any food and drink. Use the toilet. Then weigh yourself. Every single day of your diet. If you miss a day or two, there’s no problem. Do NOT attach yourself emotionally to this DAILY WEIGHT. It will go UP and DOWN like crazy (especially if you’re a female).

STEP 2: At the end of the week see how many days you actually weighed yourself say 5,6 or 7. Then add up all the weights for all the days of the week you took your weight. Then divide by the number of days. This will tell you your WEEKLY AVERAGE WEIGHT for that week.

STEP 3: At the end of the month. Look at the trend (up or down) of all of the 4 weeks. Then adjust your diet accordingly. Or just keep it the same. Compare the weights MONTH to MONTH and YOU WILL NOTICE IMPROVEMENT and also FEEL MOTIVATED.

STEP 4: When the weekly weights seem to stall and you are at the END of your weight loss journey. Make sure that you are also looking at your INCH-TAPE MEASUREMENTS. These can and tend to continue dropping even if you’re seemingly maintaining weight (especially for relatively slim women, who also happen to workout).

This monthly & weekly approach obviously takes the general trend of your weight loss into consideration – over just looking at one single day of dieting where you might just happen to GAIN WEIGHT for the SINGLE DAY you have also BEEN GOOD with your diet.

Weigh yourself everyday. But only consider weekly averages as “true weights”.

Best regards,
Adam & Becca,
Camp Fitness.

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