5 Things we Hate Doing but still do Everyday for Weight Loss Success!

5 Things we Hate Doing but still do Everyday for Weight Loss Success!

So you want to know what Adam & Becca’s fitness secrets are all about right? We didn’t always know what to do everyday to stay lean after we had completed our initial weight loss journey. Then we taught ourselves to commmit to these 5 habits. While they are not the most fun to do everyday, they are actually quite simple and totally worth the results you get from staying consistent and motivated. Let’s get this started, shall we?

1. We keep track of our portion sizes. This doesn’t have to be weighing food on a food scale (even though that’s the ideal) and tracking it on a food diary or app. This simply means that even if we are eating out at a restaurant and it’s not our cheat meal; we’ll be eating the same foods in roughly the same quantities we do at home. Sticking to a regular eating plan doesn’t have to be boring. We eat nuts, bread, chocolate, ice-cream and other goodies all the time. But we never eat them over our regular portion sizes.


2. We constantly re-evaluate where we are at in our journey. There is no point in being obsessive about anything in life, but seeing as we only live once; we might as well take care of the thing we need most. Our health! This simply means that you cannot live in the past and pretend that ‘you’re in ok shape’ if you’ve just come back from a 3 week holiday eating more food than you can stomach day in and day out. When you look at yourself and plan where you want to be as regularly as every week; this helps you with creating honest short term goals to stay motivated.


3. We weigh ourselves regularly. This means everyday or every other day. A very important note on weight is that regular weigh-ins keep you accountable. Fluctuations up and down everyday are also normal, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. You should not (and we do not) obsess over the meaniningless daily numbers. We simply take an average every week. Then compare our average weight for the 4 weeks in the month. Do we like this? No. Does it keep ups accountable? Yes. (Boghod mill- ghajn, boghod mill- qalb, jghid il- Malti.)


4. We move every single day. If we don’t lift weights or do bodyweight exercises; you can bet that we are walking for at least one hour. No matter the weather we regularly try to sneak in some activity. Since we work in the fitness industry, most people we meet give us the idea that they think we do a formal and proper workout everyday. This is far from being the truth! Aside from fitness we have a passion for travel and food which would totally wreck our bodies if we didn’t know how to manage everything side to side. Other than that, we often have other side projects which take up more than half of our day. You have to hustle while you can right? But what we do is MOVE everyday. Any mediocre workout you do is better than the perfect workout you skip!


5. We forgive our mistakes on the same day we make them and do our best to move on. Did you think that any fitness professional doesn’t make mistakes. Did you even dream that we at least commit less diet fallacies than anyone out there. Kind of like “they must rarely go overboard” or “they must live inside a gym”. Well that’s not even close to the truth. Our commitment is to try to string at least 4 to 6 proper nutrition days in a week, depending on where we are at in our journey (remember point number 2). We also try to do an absolute minimum of 2 formal planned workouts per week. Our maximum is also capped at 4 workouts. On average it is 3. When we can’t make it. We forgive ourselves on the spot. And you can bet your cash on it that we’ll follow that day up with at least twice the effort in the following days. It is not a mistake to aim for perfect, so long as you commit to forgiving your mistakes everyday; you’ll never quite reach perfect but you’ll get better everyday.

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