Success Stories

Meet Sabrina. Your new weight loss inspiration.


Sabrina first joined Camp Fitness with her sister Vanessa, who by the way is also one of the many amazing transformations witnessed on our programs. She immediately showed us her true colours; Sabrina is clearly a pro-active, go-getter type personality with a wicked sense of humour – in need of losing weight and finally getting fit.


The way she did the talking backed up with the walking was proof of her solid grasp on whatever she wanted out of life. Sabrina had only one problem – her weight. She constantly felt that there was a part of her that was missing, that she needed to ascend from in order to be fully satisfied with the way she felt and looked. Sabrina wanted to lose fat and tone up, just like most women her age would. Yet, she did more than that. Little did we know that she was going to lose a whopping 22Kg in just 5 Months with our Bikini Body Program & Diet !!


She followed her Bikini Body Meals, and well, her training, consistently on point. Hammering workout after workout she became a reflection of what she always was inside. An inspiration to us all. When we first posted her initial transformation story on Facebook, well Facebook went wild ! Camp Fitness was bombarded with people who knew Sabrina in some way or another – and her determination in other walks of life, only to follow the leader when it comes to their fitness goals. Overwhelmed – we tried to handle the workload.


To the strong. To the Sexy. To the Legend. To Sabrina. Thanks for trusting Camp Fitness; we love you!

Miguel’s Transformation: 4months. 35kg Weight loss. The best transformation I have ever seen.


When it comes to success stories, Miguel is in a league of his own. This Gelato Genius came to us to put some fire to his ice, and help him burn off his unwanted body fat. At first, we used to jokingly call him “The Iceman”- as he makes some of the best ice-cream on the island – but now we simply stay put and watch him work his magic with the Iron and with all kinds of Meals from his Beach Body Diet.


Always ready to take it to the next level, it was not enough for Miguel to lose a total of 35Kg within the astonishing time period of 4 Months – he wanted to be bigger, leaner, more muscular. He wanted to get stronger, and so he did. His immediate short-term muscle gains rivaled those of people on bulking programs – even though his primary goal was to get ripped to the bone.


This we believe, was not only the result of following his Beach Body Training consistently – but also of his insane work ethic and discipline.


Crushing Cardio.
Lifting Like A Lion Made Of Iron.
Eating, Even Cheating.
Mig “The Iceman”. That’s who we are talking about.

Meet Mark. Weekend Warrior To Badass Beast. Fat Lost – Guns Loaded !


Being Adam’s friend for quite some time before Camp Fitness even existed – we believe that we are more qualified to describe this young man’s tale as we see fit. Bit by bit, to the end of it.


There was once a Warrior; buff and strong;
Shoulders wide, limbs long.


But one problem, he had;
An insatiable appetite for beer, poor lad.


He’d lose weight for five days, until then “the weekend !”
He’d drink and eat, we believe, to no end.


Mark was already powerful and wise;
T’was the booze, that would be his demise.


To quench his thirst, his appetite quiet;
He came to Camp Fitness for a diet.


While he was there, he got a workout as well;
Bent a few barbells, yet another story to tell.


He lost kilos of fat, muscle built tons,
All stand in awe at the sight of his guns!


Mark “Il-Bonnie”. Fierce. Friendly. One of a Kind. Keep it up Legend !

Road to Six Pack Abs. Charlene’s Epic Transformation.


Transformations like Charlene’s are really a rare find these days. Most people start out their fitness journey with Camp Fitness’ services and coaching; unfit, untrained, nutritionally clueless and looking for motivation.


Charlene came to us with visible abs, strong and fit as ever. She wanted more. Well, needless to say we never question our client’s motives unless they are clearly doing something not in their best interest – of course. She could take her fitness even further, but we did warn her that she needed to stay strong. When there is excess fat to be lost, that’s a breeze. But all of you readers who dieted down for a shoot or a show, or simply an athletic event to make a specific weight class – know the struggle of being relatively lean and trying to peak it out!


Her determination and knowledge were immediately evident. She was simply eating healthy and following a workout program off the internet at the time, yet, she was sure that there was something better adapted to her goals which could be done. Well we hooked her up with a Camp Fitness workout routine – added her to our secret online group with VIP clients – revamped her diet and sent her on her way.


About a month passed, when she mailed us a shot. We knew she had the right recipe. Our program and diet which we obviously crafted with precision and a will to succeed like no other. What’s amazing is that like a handful of others, she did not only change herself – but she gave all our secret group members a New Hope. She re-defined the limits for the average gym-goer or fitness enthusiast, who has been in shape for ages. Hell, even Adam and Rebecca themselves got a kickstart from this one!


Thank You Charlene for your lesson. Limits can be broken.

How Miriah lost 25kg of Fat.


This young girl was just plain fed up of being overweight. She had it all going for her. Her job, her family, her friends. All but the only thing she had ever wanted. To learn how to drop her weight down and keep it off.


Miriah’s transformation could easily qualify as one of the fastest, most aggressive fat loss transformations we have ever seen. Bikini Body Program and Diet did loads of the work, but the greatest credit should always be given to the lead role, the main actor. Miriah’s performance was amazing during training, her diet was executed with precision. While we are all human and make mistakes – something that we emphasize at Camp Fitness – she proved that even making little to no mistakes is also something which is actually doable in real life. She lost 25Kg in just 6 Months. “Youth does lend well to fat loss”, adults around her would babble about. As her coaches, we would beg to differ. It was hard work and perfect execution. Why suffer forever when you can change your life around in the matter of a few months ?


At her age most young women and girls are nowadays overweight. She made weight loss seem effortless, plain sailing almost! Not that the struggle was not evident, but that she carried it along with her daily duties with a smile. Never did she pretend to be comfortable in her skin when she was not – until then, she was ! So young, yet humble and wise, truly a girl to hold in high esteem forever.


Miriah, you are amazing. Never forget that!

Kyra Gave It A Shot. Now She’s Smokin’ Hot.


Where shall we start with this one? The one that caught us off guard. The one we thought would get away, but instead came to stay. You see, as experienced personal trainers and online coaches, both Adam and Rebecca knew one thing (or at least thought they, we did). The worse a person looks and the worse he/she feels about it; the more likely that the change actually takes place within the person’s life. Well, this person, we thought was not Kyra – in fact we thought she looked great to start with!


To the average guy or girl – Kyra would look like a tattooed bombshell – but Kyra was and still is anything but average. However, she was really unfit, was not into training or lifting weights, had no muscle tone whatsoever and was really, really sick of her belly and love handles. What’s important here, was that by her own standards, she was not good enough.


After she got on our Program and followed some Camp Fitness nutrition advice. We thought she’d be good to go. To our surprise, she came back for more. And more! Nowadays she is one of the oldest, longest running Camp Fitness Online Members and motivates all those who are there to watch her train in person. Kyra is more toned than ever nowadays, lost quite some inches off her waist. Her arms, thighs and butt ? Let’s not get started about all that now shall we! Let’s say she’s a satisfied customer. With a love for clubbing, food and travel; she shares her success at every step of her day.


Kyra is the living proof, that you can look stunning, stand out, fit in, stand tall, look thin, tone up, feel great – well have it your way in life.
That’s what this girl is about.

Meet Phyllis – 10 Kilos of Weight Loss in just 10 Weeks!


Phyllis joined our Bikini Body Toning Program with the dead set intention of losing weight. Now she’s looking slimmer and healthier than ever. She taught us that age is just a number through her perfect execution of the program.


She understood how to be flexible with her diet an included treat meals in her plan. Phyllis planned her weekly meals with precision, that way she felt satisfied, not restricted and when it came to eating out; she never missed our on what life has to offer.


We are so proud of you Phyllis. People like you inspire us to work even harder at getting the message out there – that transformations can happen with the right tools and attitude.

Rebecca’s Story: Camp Fitness Begins Pt. II


Rebecca was the catalyst for Camp Fitness. Well not in the strict sense. A catalyst is a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change. Rebecca was also the protagonist. She took a lead role in this story and underwent a great deal of permanent change when she met Adam. This was way back when they were in University (College for you from the US), where she was studying for a communications degree and Adam was still bang in the middle of law school. They successfully graduated from their studies. Then the real challenge begun. Their common interest in fitness and building an amazing body; in a sustainable and fun way was expressed, not only in their love story – but finally – at the inception of Camp Fitness.


Adam had long been wishing to create something by which he could share his experience and knowledge in transforming his own body with others. Stopping at nothing; Rebecca became his first successful transformation story, his and her own first satisfied customer. His girlfriend to this day too. She did not hesitate to take the huge leap. She switched from doing endless hours of pointless cardio with a restrictive diet – to lifting weights, doing resistance training and doing strategically planned cardio that was effectively placed within her schedule.


Needless to say, she shed quite a lot of unwanted flab, toned her muscles up, tightened up that skin and boosted her self-confidence – so she too wanted to share the news !


Initially she followed Adam’s footsteps in nutrition and exercise science, and further pushed him to learn more about the topic himself. They went in for the upgrade together and now are incredibly the successful fitness authors of the Bikini and Beach Body Programs and Diet Books. These tried and tested programs and diets have led to the success of thousands of people who followed them, and are the primary tool used by the Camp Fitness Online Community – a secret Facebook support group for Camp Fitness clients.


During her experience as a personal trainer, fitness coach, nutrition advisor and consultant – Rebecca has single handedly caused a shift in the restrictive dieting traditionally available on the island (we are Maltese) and has further popularized resistance training for women, making it a valuable tool available to the non-athlete population too !


Rebecca. My Joy. Let’s Help Every Single One Of Them.
I Love You,

Daniela’s Transformation. Killer Curves Alert


Let’s just take one moment to celebrate Daniela’s Amazing Lifestyle Transformation!!
We have seen Daniela transform, from a shy girl, to a CONFIDENT BABE! A fit chick in her own right!! She has not only lost 8kg (and counting), She even toned up her arms, bum & thighs.


“Dieting does not include only salads, you eat everything – just get your portions right” She says. Spot on!


With 2 workouts per week coupled with her Bikini Body Diet, Daniela is achieving amazing results!
Daniela is not only losing weight, toning up, and boosting her self-confident, but she’s also a huge motivator on our online community!


Daniela, we are so proud of what you have achieved so far.