Meal-by-meal: Full day of FOOD with Adam & Becca!

Meal-by-meal: Full day of FOOD with Adam & Becca!

Here’s what Adam & Becca eat in a whole day!

Given the amount of requests we get to expose our daily nutrition plan in detail, here’s a quick outline of each and every meal we have. We are not special flowers that never gain weight; we simply make sure to lose the weight we gain from our cheat meals, holidays or foodie adventures – by eating according to our caloric needs. We mostly do this. . .

Breakfast: Adam normally goes for oatmeal, with cocoa and yogurt. Chopped apple or bananas if he’s trying to lose weight. Some almonds too, but only if trying to maintain or gain some muscle.

Becca will ALWAYS opt for an egg sandwich. The condiments and veggies are negotiable depending on what’s in the fridge. But arugula and tomatoes are a good start. The eggs are generally pan fried without oil – sunny side up of course. An omelette with spinach show up here and there too.

We both have copious amounts of water and 2 cups of unsweetened black coffee with or after this meal.

We typically work on our laptops with online clients as well as other projects during the time-slot from 7-10.15pm. At around 10.30 we hit the gym, but this could be slightly later or earlier too.

Lunch: This is also our post workout meal. Now scrap what you’ve heard about carbs. Meal timing is very important for athletes but for people who want to stick to their diet for long enough; eating carbs right after your workout is not so necessary. So long as you’re saving it for a nice treat later on and you’re still getting in your carbs.

Our lunch is generally at 12-12.30pm

For lunch we eat a protein/little fat only + veggies meal. Half of the time this is a leftover (chicken breast, most of the time) lean protein from dinner and a salad. The other half it’s an omelette or a simple can or tuna. Yes, we’re busy bodies too!

We like to eat 3 meals a day, so our snack is more of a “Dessert” for our dinner or our lunch. We do not split up our meals into 4 feeding periods but into 3 square meals. We actually prefer splitting them up. But time and convenience, as well as cravings right after the gym have led us to do otherwise.

Snack/Dessert: Right after our lunch we’ll typically finish up with some chilled oatmeal. Which is the same recipe as Adam’s oats for Breakfast, but chilled in the fridge. This is much more voluminous than overnight oats as it soaks up more water, since it is cooked prior to being chilled. We don’t always have oats in this slot, in fact another option we’ll often have here is toast with ricotta and jam (Victoria cake; above) or ricotta and cocoa (Tiramisu; below). Also, sometimes, when we’re not hungry for more nutritious food (like twice or maximum three times a week) we’ll head out to grab a quick single serving 200-250 calorie ice-cream. This work perfectly as we can’t overeat, since we have a full work day to move on to. Really fast.

We STUFFED at this point in the day, and that huge Lunch + Snack combo keeps us full till dinner.

More work, hours and hours later. . . 8.30-9pm

Dinner: This is 99% of the time the same turkey/chicken breast or white fish + roast/boiled/steamed veggies combination. We almost NEVER COOK ANY OTHER KIND OF FOOD (not in line with our diet) ourselves. So no fatty beef and no pork for us. But if we’re eating with our parents, some salmon or lean rump steak – we actually do consume once in a while!

Right after dinner we communicate with more clients for another half an hour. But most of the time we try to work hard enough during the day on Camp Fitness and our other projects so that we can skip this bit. Then we watch some TV, YouTube or just chill with some herbal or green tea for a couple of hours and hit the sack by 11pm tops!

While this is our typical day 6 days a week, we do have 1 day (Saturday) where we deviate from this schedule. Also we travel quite a bit for being fitness enthusiasts – so we know what it feels like to get back in shape. We do just that, multiple times a year. The key is being as consistent as we can; when we’re in a weekday routine! Works like MAGIC 😄

Hope you enjoyed this guys and girls;
Stay fit. Stay healthy.
Adam & Becca,
Camp Fitness.

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