Losing Weight during the World Cup Final: 7 Tips

Losing Weight during the World Cup Final: 7 Tips

So it’s World Cup Semi-Finals and then there’s the Final in a couple of days. You’ve been drinking beer and eating junk all the way till today and you feel that you’re not so happy with the weight you’ve put on? Here are some tips to enjoy the final stages of the World Cup with your family, your lads, your girls or just by yourself!

1. Don’t drink all your calories. This one is self-explanatory. Stick to a couple of light or low-carb beers or a couple of glasses of wine. Do not go for a pint massacre on game-day. We’re not giving anyone any credit for it, but you all know what beers are lighter than others. The breweries make it a point that they ‘cut the carbs’ every time there’s a light beer, you know!

2. Do drink water. Ok. This is even easier to understand. But not many people are doing it. Try to drink one glass (or small bottle) or water between every beer. You’ll see it does wonders for making you feel fuller, taking up your drinking time and help you cut down on calories from actual junk food too.

3. Watch out for the nuts! Even though in most cases we’re in favour of including unsalted nuts in your daily ‘healthy diet.’ These salted half-peanut half-cracker calorie bombs show up at just the right time to make you thirstier for more beer, hungrier for more food (which you’ll probably still be consuming later on) and pack on tons of calories themselves. Overeating on peanuts is a given once you’re looking at the screen and not your food. Salty food is addictive! Just skip the nuts.

4. Pay attention to the match. This simply leads onto the next point. Just focus on either the match or the food. You can’t do both. You’ll simply not register the amount of calories you’re stuffing your face with if you’re overexcited for the next goal.

5. Pay attention to your food and chew slowly. Eating for survival is a necessity, but this is not the case. Eating during a football match is simply a luxury. One that you can’t afford if you want to stay slim. Watch the match. If you’re hungry after, just have a proper meal too. You’ll get the best of both worlds that way.

6. Don’t go to watch the game when you’re starving. A light 200 calorie tuna salad or sandwich never made anyone fatter. Especially if it meant that later on in the day it would give you the guts to say now to a whopping 2,500 calorie beer and nuts feast!

7. Stand up and move around more. This final stage means that you should choose one of two options – or perhaps to both of the following; exercise earlier that day and watch the game standing up. We tend to burn more calories and eat less when we’re not comfy on a sofa.

May the best team win!

Adam & Becca, Camp Fitness.

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