How to keep the Weight Off: 3 Untold Secrets

How to keep the Weight Off: 3 Untold Secrets

Coaching thousands of FFL program clients into maintaining their new healthy weight has led me to learning a thing or two about weight loss that your average ‘textbook’ nutritionist might not know.

People are all different – but the common and deciding factor among all those who struggle with weight loss, is NOT losing the weight the first time round. Yet, this boils down to the struggle of actually KEEPING IT OFF!

Here are some things you have to keep in mind if you want to be successfully slim long-term:

Food is life. If you overdo the restriction for too long, you will rebound and get fatter than ever. This means if you don’t ever know when to stop dieting and getting slim voluntarily – your body will do that for you. Spending too long a period of time in a calorie deficit and restricting particular food groups will create eating disorders or stupid-crazy cravings in the long term. You better have realistic short-term expectations.

Lose weight for anywhere from 3-5 months if you even need to. Then take a planned month or two as a break off dieting. During this period, don’t go wacko. Just eat by feeling, still maintain your healthy habits, but avoid weighing your food, or cutting out entire food groups. So long as you’re eating healthy, you shouldn’t gain too much weight. Focus on toning up or gaining some muscle instead. This is a great time to include some junk food in your diet and try to learn the ‘art of moderation’ while focusing on training.

Cut the carbs, drop the fat, be an idiot, just like that. This one refers to starting out your diet with a super strict nutrition regimen which cuts out entire food groups rather than limiting overall calories (which is the only scientific, proven method which leads to lose weight). This teaches you the incorrect habit. It teaches the useless skill which in the long term does NOT apply to maintaining a healthy weight. Do you really plan to avoid all carbs and/or fats for the rest of your life? No? Well, then. Don’t even consider to learn how to diet that way, it’s not just unhealthy.It’s unrealistic.

Carbs/Fats are our energy sources. Learn how to eat just enough of them to lose weight, maintain weight too! Also focus on the healthier fats and carbs for most of the days in the week. But hey. If you get your calories right, you can still get away with some ice-cream and chocolate here and there in your daily diet too. Just don’t eat a whole pizza everyday. That’s not moderation. Right?

The 6 month life-saver camp fitness super-secret! Write things down for 3 months, eat the same foods for another 3. Done. Now you know what to eat and do for the rest of every single day of your life to stay slim. Writing things and weighing foods in the beginning makes sure you’re executing your fitness program and diet correctly.

Then eyeballing food and perhaps only weighing starches (rice, potatoes, pasta, couscous etc), weighing meats and leaving other food items as a simple mental note will help the transition phase. Mentally accounting for ’an apple and two slices of bread’ goes a long way to remind yourself that you actually had lunch, even though your body might be sending hunger signals. This means you’re alive. No one dies of hunger in Malta in 2018. I assure you.


If anyone tells you that you need to be super strict all your life to look decent. Run the other way! What you might need to do, more realistically. Is actually go on a slight cutting diet once a year for 8-12 weeks to maintain the level of leanness that you’re happy with.

If you time this yearly “mini-diet” right, you’ll get the bonus of looking extra sharp at a time of the year which suits you personally, too! Say the summer on the beach, a wedding or hell, a quick trim right after Christmas!

Drop us a message on our Facebook Page if you’re unsure which one of our programs is the best one for your goals.

Adam & Becca,

Camp Fitness

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