Our 99% – Weight Loss is for Everyone!

Our 99% – Weight Loss is for Everyone!

When you take a look at our Facebook Page you might notice that we (Adam & Becca) are not your typical fitness coaches. This is not because we have some special fancy technique for teaching fitness; but only because fitness is a part of our life. Fitness is NOT our life.

We support the individuality of each and every human being. We all have a story. We all have our own distinct version of what is good and what is bad. What we do differently is that we do NOT promote being fit or lean in the typical ‘sports and athletic performance’ or ‘bodybuilder aesthetics’ – we choose to focus on the 99%.

What we call the “99%” is the majority for people – what most people REALLY want. It is what most people really deserve in their lives. This is a body that is healthy, slim, pain-free and has enough muscle and mobility to go about life being the best version of whatever they aspire to achieve.

Being too ‘stuck’ with the 6 meals a day bodybuilder concept of eating or with the rigid inflexible olympic level athlete mindset of ‘go hard or go home’ in your workouts – leads the “99%” to a miserable success where they LIVE ONLY FOR their fit body or to an equally miserable failure; thinking they are NOT GOOD ENOUGH to have a fit body.

Why have an awesome body if all you do is eat chicken and broccoli?

Why have an amazing looking body if you have to eat when you’re not hungry, and also starve when you need food?

Why have self-confidence in you body, when all you really have is the fragile reality that you are indeed ‘obsessed’ (we heard that this is ‘a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated,’ true – but everything can go too far!) with the way you look so you can never, ever really enjoy yourself?

Why settle for a set of abs as the reward for your work, and stop traveling, seeing the world, meeting people, eating great food, being smart at something which is NOT your fitness – just to look at yourself being ‘cool’ in a gym mirror 7x a week?

What we try to preach is true balance. Balance is NOT only about going out to a cheat meal on Saturday and spending the week dissatisfied with your life in the gym. That is also a necessary part of the equation – but there is SO much more to it.

We preach fat loss the way we do – simply because life is only good if you make what you want of it.

There is no reason to live inside the gym if all you want is to some nice arms and butt.

There’s no need to eat chicken in 6 small meals a day if all you want is weight loss.

There’s no need for ‘hardcore, insane’ workouts – especially if what you’re looking for is LONGEVITY – to be fit for LIFE. Not for ONE or TWO years!

Why do people still teach these concepts instead of making fitness what it really is? Living in a healthy body with a clear vision of what really matters in life. We are do not know. But one thing is for sure. Fat Loss and Fitness have nothing to do with being the TOP 1% – that is what we are constantly made to believe.

Fitness. Healthy bodies. Self-confidence. These are for EVERYONE.

Adam Ben,
Camp Fitness.

You can easily learn how to eat great tasting food and reach your fitness goals (lose weight, tone up, build muscle) at the same time on The Beach Body Lean Muscle Building Program for Men The Bikini Body Toning Program for Women.

You’ll also have access to solid workout plans you can do at the gym, or better yet at the home if you don’t have access to a gym. Support from me (Adam) & Becca in your 3 months of follow up sessions and from the entire Camp Fitness Community (closed support group on Facebook).

You will get the body you deserve. Don’t believe us. Check out some of our Success Stories, here. Abigail (on the left) is one of our most recent Bikini Body Toning  weight loss stories – she lost over 20 kilos. Miguel (on the right), followed his Beach Body Lean Muscle Program and lost tons of weight and gained some muscle too, look at how this ‘ice-cream man’ melted his fat away! If you want to lose fat at a good pace and focus on toning up at the same time, while learning how to eat healthy these are the programs for you.

If you can’t handle dieting for long and have more then 10 kilos of fat to lose, we suggest that you hop on either of the Fast Fat Loss (Men) or Fast Fat Loss (Women) programs. We designed these a bit tougher on the weight loss when compared to our other programs, and everyone’s loving the results. Be warned; weight loss on these programs can be quite aggressive. But that’s a good thing, right?


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