Awareness: The Key to Losing Weight

Awareness: The Key to Losing Weight

The leading misconception when it comes to nutrition advice for weight loss is the concept that any particular food is ‘bad’. Food is only energy. It is all the same in one certain sense. All food is calories. The very thing we build our bodies with. The very thing that fuels us.

Many ‘experts’ hurry to put the blame on certain foods. Say bread, chocolate, ice-cream – ‘don’t eat these and you’ll be slim.’ But this is far from the truth. There are people who don’t eat lactose or gluten, but are still overweight.

Others go to even harsher extremes of blaming obesity and bad health on entire macronutrient groups. Saying that carbohydrates make you fat, or that fat makes you fat. Well this is not true if they are both consumed within your calorie budget. Also, there has been the up-sell of high protein products. It is true that people used to under eat protein back when poverty reigned in what we nowadays know as the ‘First World,’ but that is no longer the issue anymore. A high protein, highly palatable (extremely tasty), chocolatey tasting and scrumptious bar is no better than any other processed food if it makes you prone to overeat on it – or perhaps overeat at the following meal.

The REAL and TRUE message in all of this is often LOST. The focus of a weight loss regimen should simply be centered around ways to make us eat less calories. While most things like blood sugar spikes and drops, night time hunger, cravings and eating for performance are common and largely similar for all of us as a species; there is an individual response to certain foods.

This individual response is NOT the consequence of some mystic theory of how the body works. Rather it is an accumulation of information from our ancestors (our genetical predispositions) and the information about food we’ve accumulated in our own lifetime (likes, dislikes and other reactions).

This means that we should be AWARE of what food is doing to us, and then adjust accordingly. If we find ice-cream or chocolate to be addictive – we should not strive to blame all desserts. But to simply move on trying to lose weight with that knowledge held in regard. For someone with this addiction, trying to consume ice-cream and chocolate in moderation in their daily diet would be a disaster – yet for someone without this sort of ‘sweet tooth’ these foods could be perfectly fine. Why the need to paint things in black or white, when we live in a limitless gray area.

The next time you think about losing weight, listen to your inner signals; if something makes you feel unwell or perhaps makes you crave even more of it – that food should not be a staple of your diet. Awareness is key. Eating mostly ‘healthy’ foods like vegetables, fruits and avoiding processed junk still helps most of the time. Being aware that you can reach the same caloric goal with a salad and a scoop of ice-cream as well as with rice, beans and veggies will set you on the best path for your body. You’ll be able to feel as good as possible, even though you will inevitably need to feed your body less energy if you want to Lose Weight.

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