How to Create the Perfect, Slim and Toned Female Body

How to Create the Perfect, Slim and Toned Female Body

1. Emphasize feminine curves by training the shoulders, gluteus, hamstrings, arms and abs.

Most commercially available training and nutritions programs, are simply programs for men, repackaged to appeal to women. This is not the case with The Bikini Body Toning Program. This program was specifically designed with the needs of a women in mind. It is our best selling program of all time by the way, and for good reason too. Emphasis on the slim, sexy feminine silhouette is a feature of the program, also additional effort is put into specific techniques to burn fat effectively, and reduce stubborn fat areas on the female body. The shoulders, booty, thighs, arms and abs are key areas to look good in a bikini, these are the main targets of the program.

Developing a sexy and toned look is all about the right proportions. The Bikini Body can be only achieved by building “pretty muscle” in certain areas,not by following recommendations for men. Even though becoming progressively stronger to look good is the goal, the body-parts emphasized will be quite different from those on a man. The Bikini Body is a more sustainable look for women, maintaining it is effortless when you have the right program and diet plan. So what are you waiting for ?

2. Not looking “bulky” from overdoing certain body parts (the traps, chest, back and quads); but still training them enough to reap metabolic (fat burning) benefits of stimulating muscle mass.

Stronger only means fitter, leaner, more toned; having too much fat or even too much muscle ruins your look. The muscles that create thickness often associated with a masculine or perhaps, less sleek looking body are normally the traps, chest, back and the quadriceps. Developing them to a correct and proportionate size is necessary to reaps the benefits of actually working those muscles, but they should not be overblown in size.The Bikini Body Program does this perfectly, by only emphasizing the body parts that need to stand out on the female body.

A perfect example would be how it aims to create enough muscle to have slim and toned legs, without too much bulk on the thighs, all while creating an elevated and shapely butt. Balancing the female curves is our area of focus in the second workout routine of the program right after we get the overall Bikini Body from the first beginner routine. Also, the program includes a home workout routine with limited to no equipment to make sure you stay sexy, whether you have access to gym, or not.

3. Doing only, the right amount and type of cardio help with your diet. Learn how to avoid overdoing it and compensating with more food!

A mistake that women commonly make, even more so than men who are trying to lose weight by lowering their overall body fat percentage is doing too much cardio, not enough strength training and then compensating with overeating curb their hunger. Cardio is an essential tool for women, even more then for men; simply because they have smaller bodies, they need to move more to burn more calories. People with larger frames do not need to move as much as those with smaller bodies to burn more calories. This groups smaller framed men, and most women, into the category of people where doing a form of cardio is necessary to stay lean.

The mistake is often doing too much steady state moderate intensity cardio (think jogging on a treadmill for an hour) without a specific purpose. This is great for endurance athletes, but there are two major downsides to it. The woman who does this is often really tired for the rest of the day, thus ignores the important daily tasks, like work, family life and well; strength training. The other downside is that if too much cardio is done, hunger levels elevate, most women will then overeat and compensate for the calories burn during cardio, or even more than that. They end up fatter then when they started.

When you follow The Bikini Body Toning Program properly, you will get proper instructions on how to set up your cardio according to your goals, activity level, hobbies and other preferences. Walking, for example, is a great way to burn calories without getting too hungry. So are forms of higher intensity exercise. Would jogging for an hour after your dancing lesson or before a day on your feet be optimal for your adherence in the long run ? We think not. Do the right cardio for you ! Let’s get Bikini Body Ready.

4. Setting the “athlete” mindset to training and nutrition. Apart from obvious differences in training and dieting compared to men, the ‘basics” to look good will apply to all women too !

As a final remark; women still need the most basic three things to get a great body. This applies to men too. We are all human after all. Over the ages women have been victim of being fed marketing gimmick after gimmick, just because of them being the “gentler sex”. When it comes to training and nutrition, however, even though there are some differences from men, there is no need for women to train with pink shake-weights, ab-rollers or use fat-burning creams. Women are humans, just like men. They need to focus on the only three things that make a positive difference in their bodies. These are strength training, nutrition and cardiovascular exercise. Anything less or anything more is most likely useless, or a scam.

The Bikini Body Toning Program For Women only uses time-tested effective methods to build amazing female bodies. It will work! It will show you how to transform your body into the toned, fat-burning machine you desire, and teach you how to stay that way too. Eating out will not be a problem anymore, as the eating out guide incorporated in the diet plans will assist you. That is not to mention the great tasting food you are allowed on the daily plan too! Customize The Bikini Body Program‘s diet to your needs as you go along. Food that helps you reach your goals has never been tastier or easier to prepare.

Need to work out at home if you cannot go to the gym? There’s a home workout routine included too. For all those who want to go to the gym, there are two routines, a base workout for beginners as well as a more intermediate routine that takes just under 40 minutes a workout to maintain your toned body in the long run. Focusing on your curves, burning stubborn fat will never be an issue again. We believe that understanding how actresses and fitness models stay in shape year round will help you do the same too. The basics for women to get toned are the focus of The Bikini Body Toning Program.

Check out these Sabrina and Daniela’s Bikini Body transformations, here.

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