4 Best Carbs for Insane Weight Loss

4 Best Carbs for Insane Weight Loss

(1) Wholewheat Bread

This comes as a surprise to most people who think that bread is the devil. We strongly disagree. If it where not for our heavy reliance on eating sandwiches as well as our signature french toast (coated in egg whites and prepared without oil, of course) the both of us (Adam and Becca) are quite sure that our weight loss diets, as well as our client’s diets would be much harder to stick to.

So long as you are not intolerant to gluten (most people are NOT – just ask a real MEDICAL doctor) or suffer from coeliac’s disease, you should not be worried about the calories in bread. If you check the calories in a serving of bread and compare that to a serving of more traditional ‘diet’ carbs such as rice, you will quickly realize that not only the calories in the rice are higher, but that you get less food volume too. Also, wholewheat bread, or even just about anything else made from wheat will be higher in protein and fiber than anything produced from rice. Surprise! Protein keeps you fuller for longer.

Maltese sourdough bread can also be a great option, it is more filling than other white flour bread types, and most people admit it sits better on their stomach too. Just weigh this one out on a food scale – it is very easy to go overboard given it’s irregularly cut at home most of the time.

The advantage bread has is that it is also pre-made and takes virtually no time to prepare. Which is why a 250 calorie veggie filled sandwich is a healthier, and a less willpower-intensive option than eating rice and vegetables out of plastic containers! Bread gets a bad reputation because of two things in our view:

Firstly, because people rely on the most processed junk they can find, using only white flour (not that there’s anything bad with flour) with virtually no protein and fiber added to it for nutrition; they think bread is just junk calories. But if you choose wholewheat bread this is not so true; given that you’ll still be consuming starches with your meal, you might as well have something you actually enjoy eating.

Secondly, if you are smart about it and include vegetables, legumes and healthy protein/fat containing foods such as eggs in your overall diet as well as your sandwich, you’re likely to stay quite full for the calories you get – as well as enjoy a wide variety of nutrients. Don’t quit on your ancestors’ favorite energy source just yet! You are not smarter than hundreds of ever-evolving cultures, who have eaten bread for centuries and thrived!

(2) Oatmeal

This one is a quick “jaq” or “yuck” for most people. We believe that this is probably, along with couscous, the most easily available cheap superfood in existence. We get it. There’s quinoa (no hate here) and other superfoods booming in the market lately, but oatmeal and couscous are more easily accessible to us living in the Mediterranean.

Here’s what we do. When it’s cold, we’ll obviously eat it warm. When it’s hot outside, we prepare oatmeal in advance. Let it chill in the fridge and eat it as a dessert or pudding. In both cases we add dark cocoa, some zero calorie sweetener (if you don’t like the bitter taste of cocoa), a dash of cinnamon and chop up some fruit. We like to use fruit that’s in season, if no fruit is available we go with yogurt. If we have spare calories we’ll go with both fruit and yogurt. How does a huge portion of chocolate oat pudding, vanilla yogurt and banana sound? Not too bad for 300 calories right?

You have to show oatmeal some love, but once you do, it will love you right back!

(3) White Potatoes

This one is a no brainer. Just because most people eat french fries, potato wedges roasted in oil or buttery mashed potatoes does NOT automatically negate the fact that potatoes just on their own are around 77 calories for every 100g!

Given that vegetables average around 30 calories per 100g, and cooked lean meats like fish and chicken breast are 130 and 165 calories for a 100g – that simply means that potatoes are indeed viable options on a diet. The key here is to leave the skin on. Boil your potatoes and just season them with salt and pepper. A 200g side of boiled spud goes a looonnnnggg way!

Also, we frequently cook up fat free spicy potato wedges, no fat hash-browns, and no-fry french fries too. Just follow our Facebook posts and ask our clients about those!

(4) Couscous

This one is a high protein, high volume carb source that easily works its magic into a weight loss diet. Again, more protein than rice, tastes rather nutty even without seasoning and makes for an awesome fat-free meal. Add some veggies, eggs and lean protein and you’re good to go.

Couscous is by far the meal-prep champion of carbs. The wild array of recipes you can Google for this stuff is ridiculous. Well, we left quinoa out of this list on purpose. We don’t have it. But, first of all, we honestly do not eat it on a regular basis. Then there’s this reason too; quinoa, unlike couscous and oatmeal, tastes not so great when not paired with a fat source. Occasionally, avocado and eggs can help flavor it, but you’ll know you’re on a diet with bland quinoa. Trust us!


Couscous, paired with legumes is a great source of protein even if you’re vegan or vegetarian. If you do eat meat however, one way to prepare it is to use the juices from your chicken breast or lean protein recipe in the water you cook this grain in. It will suck in all the flavor. Also, quinoa, unlike couscous and oatmeal, tastes not so great when not paired with a fat source. Occasionally, avocado and eggs can help flavor it, but you’ll know you’re on a diet ur. Just add some salt and instant Umami!

Hope you enjoyed this 🙂

Adam & Becca, out!


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