0% Fat French Fries for Weight Loss

0% Fat French Fries for Weight Loss

Ever find yourself craving some crispy and hearty fries or chips with your meal?

But you’re on a weight loss diet and feel like you’ve got quite a bit to go.

No problem. We got you covered!

On special request one of our favorite recipes is making a comeback! These non-fat fries are easy to make and 200g of raw potatoes are just under 160 calories. Brilliant side for your weight loss meals.


200g white or russet potatoes

Fry Light 0 Calorie Cooking Spray

salt & pepper

other herbs and spices (we like to use curry or cajun spice, depending on what meal we’re pairing the fries with)

What you’ll need: 

a good (ideally non-stick) pan or skillet

or an oven (alternative method)


Cut the potatoes into thin and even strips.

Place the strips to soak in water for about 20 minutes, this will remove the starch and help with cooking. Dry the potatoes well before proceeding.

Spray a pan with Fry Light 0kcal Cooking Spray.

Season the potatoes with salt pepper and your favorite spices. Spray the potatoes too.

Heat up the pan, then reduce the heat and cook the potatoes on both sides evenly.

Unlike deep frying you need to make sure you cooked both sides.

For an alternative method of cooking, simply pre-heat your oven on medium setting for 10 minutes, put the  potatoes in for 20 minutes, flip them on the opposite side and spray them again with cooking spray. Cook for another 10-15 minutes. This method takes longer but produces more consistent oven “potato wedges.”

TIP: We like to leave the skin on for extra nutrition.


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