4 Worst Diet Mistakes That Ruin Your Weight Loss

4 Worst Diet Mistakes That Ruin Your Weight Loss

1. Failing to set up your Diet with the Correct Amount of Calories for Your Goal.

The biggest mistakes most people do regarding diets is that they try to wing it without having a proper plan. Eating at a calorie deficit (for fat loss) and eating at a calorie surplus (to gain muscle) and setting up a maintenance level diet (for recomposition and toning up) are essential to the process. If the changes in a person’s “overall weekly calories” are too drastic or too gentle, results will be either disastrous or minimal. The recommended caloric deficit to get lean and toned is 20-25%; Deducting 20-25% of your maintenance calories. Reducing more calories will make a diet too hard to stick to. Reducing fewer calories will result in too slow of a cut, and demotivation will be an issue. The same will occur with someone overeating too much to gain muscle – fat gain will be too much of an issue to stick to it in the long term.

All our Beach Body Lean Muscle Building Program For Men & Bikini Body Toning Program For Women (clickable links throughout the article for your convenience) diets are set up with the ideal number of daily calories for you individual goal. Rather than fool around with diets that take too long to work, we are relatively aggressive with helping you achieve your goals. The Beach Body and Bikini Body Programs also make sure that the diet is still sustainable enough that you can effortlessly stick with it to achieve your ideal body and learn how to maintain it once you do.

2. Not including the foods you enjoy eating on a daily basis in your diet plan.

If you think that just eating “healthy” or “clean” or simply not having your favorite foods, at all, will make you lose fat – think again! It is only the total daily caloric intake that matters for weight gain or weight loss. This means that while you should ideally eat a healthy diet for the most part, completely eliminating all the foods that taste great to you, will only sabotage your results in the long run, when you feel that your diet is too restrictive and cannot stick to it anymore. There is no logical reason why a certain amount of calories within your daily diet should not be allotted towards foods you love (chocolate, ice-cream, pasta etc.) once your protein, fiber and micronutrient goals are satisfied.

Flexibility in food choices is key. If someone likes to eat lean beef, rice and dark chocolate, these are all perfectly fine foods to eat regularly to attain a great looking body. So long as the quantities are correct, their effect on your body will not be any different from, say; chicken breast, potatoes and coconut oil. Different people enjoy different foods. For an enjoyable diet, taste and satisfaction are king and queen.

The Beach Body and Bikini Body Programs by Camp Fitness ensure that you have a wide selection of foods, from which you can then from your daily staples to reach your goals all while eating tasty foods. Everyday. Some favorites of our clients include our signature Pastas, Lean Burgers and Pizzettas. But you should also be free to choose more easily prepared foods such as sandwiches or salads. Prep time is a factor we cater for too!

3. Failing to Plan for Eating Out at Events and Enjoying Life with Family & Friends.

Another common mistake with beginners who want to get their dream body is believing that they will be perfect with their diet from the day they decide to take action onwards. This cannot be further from the truth. A diet ignoring the “fun factor” is doomed to fail. The leanest, fittest people with the most attractive physiques know that they need to let loose and wind down from time to time. There is a time to be rigid and on point, but there also comes a time to relax a bit with the dieting, enjoy life and rejuvenate your body for more dieting to come.

To stay lean, you must have a healthy relationship with food and there is no room for errors such as regular binges and unplanned splurges. These are often caused by an unsustainable diet plan, that does not make eating out at events (birthdays, weddings, dates, “treat meals” with loved ones) as a part of the plan, but rather view them as an external element.

You should be able to learn what meals actually have a meaning to you, something more than just food for fuel; this means that you need to know when to call the shots and hold on your Beach Body or Bikini Body Program meals. Then you should enjoy your nachos at your movie date, enjoy that glass of wine and pizza on the Weekend or be the life of your best friend’s wedding party (hit up our “The Wedding Diet” – Program if you’re a bride-to-be, it’s amazing for you).

For this to be possible and still stay on track, your overall weekly calories must still be shifted towards your goals. This means that certain adjustments to the other days of the week and the day you are treating yourself must be made for you to stay on top of your game and reach your ideal body in time. Both the Beach Body and Bikini Body Programs feature Eating Out Guides, that teach you what to do to keep on making progress on the scale and in the mirror, while enjoying your life to the full.

4) Believing in Some Magic New System to get You Results.

This is perhaps the dumbest, but most easily repeatable mistakes. Why? Because it changes the way it presents itself every damn time! But all it really is, is the same crap packaged differently. What do we mean by “Magic New System” ? Well . . .

Have you heard of how you can lose fat magically by just not eating at night, or by dropping carbs, or avoiding fat, or eating 6 small meals every 3 hours to speed up your metabolism or intermittent fasting for 16 hours and only having an 8 hour eating window. They are all worth taking a look at as dietary strategies, only IF your calories are in place. But all of them will fail miserably if you disregard the first 3 points we mentioned earlier. Taken as out of context magic pills, these are all useless fads that people fall in the trap of making their only hope for change. Without the proper calories, meals and foods to keep you satisfied, all these are but empty vessels.

The Beach Body Program and Bikini Body Program are only compiled on no-nonsense evidence and science based practices as well as following the assessment of thousands of successful clients’ dietary regimens. We make it a point to include only real foods in the form convenient, tasty meals based on your individual preferences. These will keep the ball rolling and help you reach your ideal body, making fitness an effortless addition to your lifestyle. It is not the method we use, but whether or not you get results that really matters to us.

These are Miriah and Mark; some of our successful clients on the Programs. Take a look their Success Stories, here. Our latest program catered for people who have more than 10 + Kilos to Lose (overweight or obese) in a short time, is finally here too, it’s called Fast Fat Loss or simply “FFL”, they’re loving the results!

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