How to Build a Strong and Aesthetic Male Body

How to Build a Strong and Aesthetic Male Body

1. The Back, Shoulders and Arms.

Any training program for men with the goal of building a more attractive, dominant, sexy and ripped physique should always emphasize three key areas being the Back, Shoulders and Arms. Most fluff only programs do focus on the beach muscles, but they do not use strategies that allow for simple progressive overload (ie. getting stronger) on these body parts. The Beach Body Lean Muscle Building Program for Men, includes a minimalist system that effectively targets these body parts to build a powerful, inspiring physique by getting stronger on a set of exercises.

Heavy rows, overhead presses, chin ups and curls are staples of the program. Additional shoulder and triceps isolation work is then piled on top of the heavy work to work on some extra detail, and ensure that you build a v-taper back, round-capped shoulders visible from all angles, and let’s not forget those smoking’ guns too!

2. The Chest, Gluteus, Abs and Calves

The chest, gluteus (ass), abs and calves are great show muscles. They are also very useful in sporting activities. The key difference from the first set of muscle groups, is that these muscles can completely ruin symmetry of a physique if overdone. Having a bird sized chest is not sexy, but too much chest development relative to upper back and rear belts could lead to bad posture, developed abs and gluteus are nice, but too much will result in a thick looking “midsection” and as for calves, some people have them, some need to work hard for them. The Beach Body Lean Muscle Building Program includes 3 different phases with specialized goals in mind. Going through our base building phase is necessary for all those who want to see quick changes in their overall body really quick. This is especially true for all those who have not been training consistently before starting The Beach Body Lean Muscle Building Program.

Later there are 2 other phases geared to lagging body parts, one for a lagging chest & back to build thickness, the other one for shoulders & arms, emphasizing detail. Both are progressive; spending some time working on all three phases will lead to overall symmetry, while your Beach Body diet will keep you ripped and lean all year round. A bonus phase will include an “at home” bodyweight workout where you will need little to no equipment to maintain or build that Beach Body during times when you do not have a commercial gym available.

3. The Quads, Hamstrings, Traps and Obliques

The quads, hamstrings, traps and obliques are great contributors to your overall muscle mass. They are effectively trained on The Beach Body Lean Muscle Building Program. This is especially important early on, to allow your base to build symmetrically and in healthy proportions. However, for the purposes of looking good, these muscles are very easy to overdo on most people. They result in the unpleasant “tank” look. While the program still caters for those who only want to continue building their mass and strength base without caring about their symmetry and proportions. The Beach Body Lean Muscle Building Program’s effectiveness lies in building the right amount of muscle in the right muscle groups. Lower volume on certain body-parts as compared to others will keep you all round fit and healthy, but chiseled, aesthetic and attractive too.

The 2 intermediate phases of the program emphasize upper body over the legs, and midsection tightness over bulky abs. But for all those who want to look like beasts in the long run, the base building program will do the trick. The chest & back phase as well as the shoulders & arms phase will result in more of a classic Hollywood physique; a ripped Beach Body!


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