Ice-cream & Gelato Calorie Guide

Ice-cream & Gelato Calorie Guide

We love you so much we made an Ice-cream and Italian Gelato Calorie Guide for you. A client of mine asked me how I get my energy. How I manage to cope with training, surgery rehab, personal training, online coaching, marketing, content writing, staying on track with my diet, going for walks and being hyperactive most of the time.

Well, here. I am skipping breakfast again lately. I eat a nice lean protein and veggie lunch.

Then bang? The secret weapon hits.

Itailan Coffee + Italian Gelato = Italian Stallion ?☕️??

Here’s a quick calorie guideline. Please disregard most generic food chain calorie info for this. These are typical realistic portion sizes and calories.

Food Chain Soft Serve Calories.

Small Ice Cream Cup or Cone = 200-250kcal

Sundae with Topping or Sauce = 280-310kcal

Burger King Fusion or McDonalds Mc Flurry = 450kcal approx.

Also a medium soft serve with crushed nuts, biscuits, fruit and sauce from “gabbana” type places would be the same calories.

Italian Gelato by the Scoop places.

Calories will vary by scoop, scoop size, gelato type and mood of the person serving you. So remember to smile smile for higher calories too!

Calories per 100g will range from 145-200kcal. For fruitier flavours at the low end, plain milk or nut flavours are mid range. The fattiest will be creams with a fatty nut/animal fat base and a rich varegato (mix in) like nuts, white chocolate, nutella and oreos. . . The top high-end, fast selling type stuff each spot has – you know everyone’s favourite flavors! These will be averages at 80-100g per scoop. Here:

Small 2 Scoops = 75-450kcal

Medium 3 Scoops = 575-650kcal

Large 4 Scoops and Extra Large 5 Scoops; well no idea. Do the math yourself piggy ?

Also for small wafer cones add 80kcal.
Waffle Cups & Larger Waffle Cones add 130-150kcal to the mix.

Enjoy responsibly. But please do enjoy. The best gelato spots in Malta (2017) are in Sliema, St Julians, Bugibba & San Gwann. So you can get a great scoop anytime on this Island ❤️✌️?

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