The Vegan Body (Men)


Some people think you can’t lose weight, build muscle or tone up on a plant-based diet. This program proves them wrong. The Vegan Body (For Men) is a 100% Meat Free Plant Based Program that will get you looking at your best. Guaranteed! If you are Vegan, or perhaps considering the switch to a more ethical and environmentally sustainable way of eating – this program will rock your world!



We designed this program after coaching thousands of clients towards getting in their leanest, most toned or ripped physique possible. Among our Vegan community, the common complaint was that when they tried any nutrition plan by a reputable fitness coach, there was one flaw. It was not catered to plant based diets; they were simply given a “chicken, rice and broccoli” plan with chickpeas instead of the chicken. That approach is too restrictive and hardly works with people who still eat meat; you could imagine how it fails miserably when it comes to creating plant based rock hard physique. We had to come up with something that works.




The Vegan Body (For Men) Program Crafted to Help You Create The Body You Deserve

A Vegan Diet Plan to Build Muscle or Get Ripped, with easy-to-prepare Vegan Meals for Busy Lifestyles

An Eating Out Guide with Strategic Lifestyle Tips (Lean Vegan Choices at Restaurants, etc.)

No *BS* Pills, Shakes or Supplements or Animal Products. You will only need Plant Based Nutrition to Fuel Your Body. We will also hook you up with a Vegan Supplement Guide to find out which Supplements You will Really Need & A Full 12 Week Diet Planner to Boost Diet Adherence and Help You Succeed.

Both Gym and Home Workout Plan Options

Exercise Video Tutorials for most of the basic exercises to make sure your form is Correct

An Effective Exercise Substitution Guide to know when and how to change exercises when they become boring, monotonous or cause any form of discomfort.



  • 12 Goal Setting & Online Follow Up Sessions with Adam & Becca
  • 12 Weeks Membership in our Closed Facebook Support Group: Camp Fitness Community
  • Constant Motivation & Support from Adam, Becca and other dedicated Program Members to help you Look Amazing.
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