The Bikini Body Toning Program for Women

Most programs are never designed with women’s stubborn fat areas and nutrition habits in mind. These get you no results whatsoever or worse make you look ‘chunky’.



Ladies, this program introduces you the easiest, fastest and most effective way to lose weight, tone up and finally create an amazing slim, sexy and feminine body. This will allow you to do so while doing little to no cardio, still indulging in the foods you enjoy and learning how maintain your healthy and fit body with effortless lifestyle strategies.


The Bikini Body Toning Program for Women is our all time best-selling fitness program, including great tasting meals, flexible exercise routines you can do anywhere and constant support from the online community and Becca herself. With thousands of success stories, the results speak for themselves.

*Your results may vary.



  • The Bikini Body Toning Program For Women Crafted to Help You Create The Body You Deserve
  • A Personalized Bikini Body Diet Plan, with Easy-to-prepare meals for Busy Lifestyles
  • An Eating Out Guide with Strategic Lifestyle Tips (Restaurants, etc.)
  • Both Gym & Home Workout Plan Options
  • Exercise Video Tutorials for most of the basic exercises to make sure your form is Correct
  • An Effective Exercise Substitution Guide to know when and how to change exercises when they become boring, monotonous or cause any form of discomfort.

  • 6 Goal Setting & Online Follow Up Sessions with Adam & Becca
  • 12 Weeks Membership in our Closed Facebook Support Group: Camp Fitness Community
  • Constant Motivation & Support from Adam, Becca and other dedicated Program Members to help you Look Amazing.