Bacon & Egg French Toast Under 500 Calories

Bacon & Egg French Toast Under 500 Calories

Hey fitfam! This week we’re bringing you a savoury version of our favourite breakfast stack. This time around, however, we were schooled by our beloved friend and client, Bobbie.

Check out her Instagram:@bobbieabela – she’s is one talented #campfitnessgirl (she was the one who came up with that btw – the OG #campfitnessgirl) with some great shots of her recipes, travels and loads of other great shots too.

After getting in shape as fast as hell on her Bikini Body Toning Program, Bobbie got inspired by one of our latest french toast recipes and then, she came up with this one.

This is only an unbelievable 465 Calories for the entire stack! Talk about diet friendly!

Now, let’s skip to the good bit . . .




For the batter:
3 egg whites cinnamon (optional)
0 calorie sweetener of choice

For the toast:
3 slices wholemeal french loaf
Fry Light 1 calorie spray

To top it up:
1 whole egg, pan fried in 1 calorie spray
84g smoked back bacon
10g honey or maple syrup

(or; if you’re able to get your hands on some 0 calorie pancake syrup, as much as you want from that)


Dip the bread in the egg whites (and optional cinnamon)  batter to coat evenly
Heat up a pan coated in Fry Light Spray.
Fry the toast evenly on both sides.
Fry up the egg and bacon.
Stack up the toast, eggs and bacon.
Top it up with 0 calorie pancake syrup, any brand will do. But this is easier –  just use straight up maple syrup or honey.
Eat up.

We loved this french toast stack so much that we instantly gave it before and after pictures. Look at that beauty.





“Yolk-porn, surprise!”





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